Digestive Enzyme Supplements

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papaya-fruit-hd-wallpapersWe have received a few (hundred) emails recently asking us to look into Digestive Enzyme Supplements. The majority of them wanted to know whether they would help with the digestion of Gluten and Lactose. After quite a bit of research here’s what we came up with:

These supplements contain digestive enzymes, which are natural substances needed by the body to help break down and digest food. It is used when the pancreas cannot make or does not release enough digestive enzymes into the gut to digest the food. Depending on the amount of enzymes in your product, it may be used for indigestion, as a supplement, or as replacement therapy (e.g., in chronic pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis, cancer of the pancreas, after surgery on the pancreas or gut).

There are a growing number of healthcare practitioners who are advocating Digestive Enzyme Supplements. If the highly educated medical community is coming around to the benefits of a supplement, it’s a VERY GOOD INDICATOR that there is validity to the research behind that supplement.